Unfortunately, our companion animals may acquire debilitating conditions or be diagnosed with a terminal disease.  Making the decision to say goodbye to your pet is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make.

While people often hope for their pet to close their eyes and pass quietly in their sleep, this is rarely the case.  Instead, a natural death may be prolonged, painful, and upsetting for you to witness. Euthanasia is a way to provide your pet with a peaceful and dignified passing. It is a way to give back to them for all their years of friendship, loyalty, and unconditional love.

The Process

The appointment is approximately 30 minutes, but I will adjust the pace to your pet’s needs and yours.  We can gather in a location that you and your pet are comfortable.  The first injection given will provide pain relief and relaxation, oftentimes inducing a deep sleep within 10-15 minutes.  The second injection will allow for a peaceful passing within 1-2 minutes.

Knowing when it is the right time

The answer to this can vary based on your pet, their disease, and the caregiver.  Your pet should be doing the basics of eating, drinking, urinating, and defecating (ideally in the appropriate areas).  Beyond this, are they doing any of the things that are unique to them or show they are enjoying their days? This could include going for walks, sunbathing, playing, greeting you at the door, or engaging with others in the home.  It is important to make a checklist of these things so you can visualize as you start to mark things off. You could also make a good/bad day calendar. You can use our Quality of Life scale to help put things into perspective. (Link to PDF)

If you are still having difficulty deciding when it is time, we offer quality of life phone consultations.

Making an appointment

Appointments can be made by calling us at 310-528-4026, sending a text message, or emailing us at DoctorAu@gcmvc.com.

I understand that scheduling an appointment to help your pet pass is very difficult.  You are trying to spend as much time as possible with your pet while minimizing suffering.  I advise contacting me as soon as you see decline and I can help guide you on the appropriate timing.  The more notice I have ensures the best chance to fit both your schedule and mine. I can generally accommodate a home visit request within 24 hours.

There is no cancellation fee, but I ask that 24 hours notice be given to allow availability for others.

Preparing for the visit

I will provide everything needed and coordinate with the aftercare company.  You should decide who you would like to be present and where in your home everyone is comfortable.  A place to gather could be in the living room, on a bed, or in the backyard. Oftentimes, your pet will decide for you.

You are welcome to play music, light candles, share stories and memories, read a poem or prayer, or perform any religious or cultural ceremonies that you would like.

If your dog is still ambulatory, I would recommend taking them out to use the bathroom 1 hour before my arrival.

If your pet is on any medications that provide pain relief or are anti-anxiety/sedating, they may benefit from giving a dose beforehand.  Please discuss with Dr. Au

Should my other pets be present?

Other pets are welcome to be present during the process as long as they are not causing stress or discomfort to their housemate.  If they need to be separated, we can give them a chance to say their goodbyes once the patient has passed. Pets do grieve and I encourage the opportunity for them to say their goodbyes too.

**There is more information available in the Resources section.

Should my children be present?

The death of a family pet is oftentimes a child’s first experience with loss.  It is an important time for parents to teach children how to express grief in emotionally healthy ways.  Please read the documents listed in the Resources section for more information on how different age groups process and understand the death of a pet and appropriate ways that you can address it.  Ultimately you are the parent and will make the best decision on how to involve your children.

**There is more information available in the Resources section.

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