The options for aftercare are burial and cremation. If you choose cremation, we recommend Aquamation (also called Alkaline Hydrolysis, Bio-cremation or Green cremation). Aquamation is an environmentally friendly alternative to flame-based cremation. It is the combination of gentle water flow and alkalinity to accelerate the natural process of tissue breakdown that would occur if you buried your pet. The only solid remains (~20% more retained than with fire cremation) are the mineral ash of the bones which are softer and lighter in color similar in appearance to a fine grain sand. Aquamation uses a fraction of the energy and cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 90%. The remaining liquid is a sterile, EPA neutral solution of amino acids, peptides, and sugars that is also suitable for use as fertilizer.

With private aquamation, your pet would be aquamated alone and their ashes returned to you. With communal aquamation, your pet would be aquamated with others and their ashes scattered at sea.

We will transport your pet afterwards for aquamation. For pets over 50 pounds of weight, we will need assistance in carrying your pet to our vehicle. If you are not physically or emotionally able to assist, please let us know when scheduling the appointment so we can arrange an assistant to be present.

It takes approximately 2-3 weeks for your pet’s ashes to be ready to return home. We will contact you to arrange a day and time to meet.

If there is an aftercare company that you would prefer to use, we can assist with coordinating pick-up of your pet.