Matt Y. – West Hollywood, CA

I absolutely recommend this organization to anyone looking for a loving, caring, skilled veterinarian.

After over 15 years of love and companionship, my dog Henry’s little body was failing him. As my final act of love and responsibility, I made the difficult decision to help him die with dignity, in my arms, and in his own home.

While this experience is hard for any loving pet owner, Dr. Au made Henry’s passing as comfortable and calm as possible for both of us. Still ambulatory when Dr. Au arrived, Henry approached her as he would any guest in his home, curiously sniffing her out, and then wagging his tail and licking her hand as she pet him. I could tell he felt safe and loved.

Dr. Au gave me time to hold my little friend, to make him comfortable in my arms, tell him how much I loved him, and thank him for all that he’d given to my life. Her entire interaction with us that day was calm, sweet, and tender.

From start to finish, the professionals at Gold Coast Mobile Veterinary Care have been nothing short of wonderful to work with. When it’s time for me to open up my home to another dog, Dr. Au will be my veterinarian.

Truly, words cannot describe my thanks to this team.


K.F. – Glendale, CA

If I could give them six points I would. Due to extensive ongoing health issues and decline our beloved 14 yr old Jindo named Boo had to be put to sleep. To say he was a “part of the family” is almost an understatement. For us he was the perfect dog right from the beginning, never giving us any trouble. He was originally a foster dog and for the eleven years after we adopted him he was never out of my sight, including vacations. I’ve lived a long life and faced many challenges but realizing I was going to have to put our beloved Boo to sleep, was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to face. Mercifully, a friend had used Gold Coast Mobile Vets and recommended them highly. They exceeded all expectations in terms of their professionalism, knowledge and genuine understanding. Dr Au and her assistant Leia made one of the worst days of our lives as bearable as possible and we will be eternally grateful. We will eventually get another dog and hope Dr Au will be their Vet.

Shannon J. – Culver City, CA

It has taken me several days to be able to write this, but I wanted to be sure to do so. After many, many long and wonderful years with our beloved dog, Bam, we had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye to one of our furry family members earlier in the week. I have been through the loss of pets before, and have accompanied others as support when having to make the same choices. However, this one was very personal and painful. I cannot that Dr. Au enough for her kindness, thoughtfulness and accommodating the process so that my entire family could be together to transition Bam with the love he provided us his entire life. The doctor took time to explain all of the issues Bam was having and for ultimately assisting me through the process of deciding to provide him peace and dignity. I was greeted with a much-needed hug by Dr. Au upon arrival. She knew the difficulty our family was facing. Our Bam was loving, strong, and wagging his tale to the end. He enjoyed chicken nuggets and french fries before the doctor arrived, and was surrounded with love, kisses, and cuddles in his own home on his own bed. I am still hurting and sad, as this loss was huge, but I know Bam was ready and the experience, though so difficult, was filled with beauty and love and was peaceful. Thank you once again to Dr. Au for the wonderful services of a mobile pet care. In my case, my pups have always been so comfortable at home, and really respond to the Dr. I think they sense she cares. I tell everyone about Gold Coast, and have never had an experience that was anything other than wonderful. My heart will heal with time, but I am so grateful to have been able to make my Bam’s transition a peaceful one, and to Dr. Au for making it possible for us all to say our goodbyes surrounding Bam in love, and for us all to begin our healing process together. Words are not enough to show my gratitude for you and your services for our furry family members.

Nicky W. – Culver City, CA

A few weeks ago we sadly had to say goodbye to one of our dogs and we wanted to do this at home. Somebody recommended Dr Au to us and she was amazing. She was incredibly sweet and kind to both of us and our dog plus our other dogs who were all present. For a very sad experience, it was incredibly peaceful and Dr Au made us all feel very at ease. Dr Au was also very patient and gave us all the time that we needed to ask questions and to spend with our boy. I can’t recommend her more highly. She is wonderful.